in all this chaos we found safety

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Perfect driving tunes. Takes me back to the summer of 2008.

december first i’m in a foreign state
i’m running late, i’m all alone
wishing i was home with you, baby

remember when?

as i stepped to the edge, i saw the water below
then i said to myself, “sometimes you’ve gotta let go”

all i know is i’m still waiting for my sun to shine

t-t-t-take me to the time when things were fine
it’s all broken now
but always keep in mind, things are fine
and we’ll figure it out

It’s good to feel at home, but home isn’t really a place. It’s the people who make it what it is and I have a great home.
John O’Callaghan

"compassion - the concept is rather simple. most know what it means to be civil but there truly is a fine line between sweet and sour. give too much of yourself away and you’ll be all used up, not enough and no one will be around to share this with."

but that doesn’t mean i don’t still love them

I think if our band wanted to be successful or if we wanted to take the easy way out right now, we would sound like a dubstep band or something like that. There is something to be said for sticking true to yourself—and if this is what true is to us, I’m really not concerned with how people feel about it. I’d rather not make any money and put out what I want to put out than be rich and stand behind something I do not back.
John O’Callaghan


Time for another Shameless Media contest!

While currently on a U.S. co-headlining tour with Augustana and Austin Gibbs, we had the boys in The Maine share with us songs they would put on a mix CD. One lucky Shameless Media follower will get a physical CD of the mix and the signed track-list sheet. Three runner-ups will get a digital download of the mix.


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  • Winners will be announced on June 12th, 2011.